Copywriting Services

Press Releases

Whether you are launching a new product, have a big event or want to announce a new partnership we can craft a professional press release for your company for a small fee. All of our press releases are keyword optimized to ensure searchability online as well as gobbleygook word free.

Blog Posts & Articles
Writing a blog post is time consuming and when you are running your business, writing a blog post is probably the last thing on your mind. Our team has been blogging for years and knows what it takes to make a blog post worth of sharing. Just like the rest of our copywriting projects, your blog post will be rich with information and keywords to make it not only shareable between peers but searchable in search engines like Google, Yahoo & Technorati.

Web Copy
Creating compelling copy for your web can be challenging. Beyond the time that it takes to create the verbiage, knowing what to say or what your future customers want to hear can be a little daunting. Let us create that compelling content for you in a voice that the consumer will relate to and still maintain your brand identity.

Tweets/ Status Updates
Love the idea of Twitter, but hate the thought of updating multiple times a day? Hire us to tweet and update our social networking statuses at a frequency you are comfortable with. We will update and engage on your behalf.

For more information about our professional copywriting services, contact us.