Google Caffine Update – What does it mean to You?

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I have been reading a lot about the “Google Caffeine” update that will be taking place soon after the holiday season. We receive a majority of our traffic from Google so I have been reading up on this and what is going to be changing in the “Search Algorithm”. It sounds like the interface will not be changing, this update is primarily under the hood: Google is rewriting the foundation of some of its infrastructure. If this pans out well, it is intended to replace Google as we know it today. It seems like Google’s goal is to be more thorough and comprehensive in their crawling of the web. Vanessa Fox reported the following, over at SearchEngineLand: “The newest infrastructure may include ways of crawling the web more comprehensively, determining reputation and authority (possibly beyond the link graph and what’s typically thought of as PageRank), and returning more relevant results more quickly, although Google’s Matt Cutts told me that the changes are “primarily in how we index”.

Impact on keywords:  “SEO professionals, your job just got a lot harder. The algorithm’s definitely different. It has more reliance on keyword strings to produce better results.” Quote from Ben Parr over at

What It Means To You:

  • Google will be crawling and indexing more pages – make sure your site is well optimized so you can
    benefit from this.
  • They are focusing on accuracy – which means the sites that get ranked on top will be the ones that best
    match the searchers query (which means you need to do comprehensive keyword research and make
    sure your site is well optimized for your important phrases that searchers will use).
  • Google indicates they will be looking at not only what sites people click on from the SERPs but also how
    they interact with the site after they land on it. Making sure your site has a lot of relevant content will be more important than ever.
  • Organization of your site and clean code structure will also become more crucial than ever.
  • Content appears to remain king and Google Caffeine seems to favor larger sites with more meaty
  • Quality continues to become more important, especially when it comes to links. Quality over quantity. So
    many people have lots of links that are just their URL hyperlinked – those are thought to be devalued.
  • Getting a higher quality link from a Blog post, article or social media site that actually uses keywords from within body text to link to your site will be valued higher and fewer high quality links will likely win out over more lower quality links.

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